Data entry

Data entry

Do not you have time to import your data into your website? Do not worry, we will do it for you.

What do you need to give us?
All your business information (Company name, phone, address, facebook, email, etc.)
All your photographic material in any file type.
All your texts and their translations, in TXT, PDF, Excel or Word format.
Your suggestions.

What do we do?
We will change the size of the photos and store them in the appropriate file format.
We will upload the photos to your site and place them where you have indicated.
We will add your texts and any translations you will give us.
We will pass all your corporate information and contact details as well as the map.

What we do not do.
We do not write texts on your behalf, nor do we find photographic material.
We are processing ONLY the material that you give us.

How long it takes
Usually 3 business days are required. It depends on our workload.

You should send us all your material before we start
Costs include the changes you will indicate after our initial import and which should be made within 15 days of making the first import of your data.
Cost: After examining your workload