Latin name: Acer palmatum

Common name: Japanese maple

8 m. 26,24 f.
Family: Aceraceae

Genus: Acer

Genus of mainly deciduous but also evergreen trees and shrubs, that comprises more than 140 species. Cultivated mostly for the colour of their foliage and their autumn interest. The leaves are mainly lobed or compound and always arranged in an opposite and decussate phyllotaxy on branches.
They require full sun or slightly shaded sites and humus-rich, well drained soils, neutral or slightly acid soils for a better autumn colour.
Planted as specimen trees, or in groups and rows.
The typical species are propagated with seeds that germinate with difficulty at a temperature
of 15-18 οC (59-64 οF), after cold stratification, while the cultivars are propagated by grafting on the typical species.
Latin name: Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum is a type species from which many beautiful cultivars have been created. Deciduous plant with deeply lobed green leaves that turn brilliant orange or red in autumn. Ideal for bonsai. Plant in slightly acid soil for a richer autumn colour.