Latin name: Acorus calamus

Common name: Sweet flag

1,5 m. 4,92 f.
Family: Acoraceae

Genus: Acorus

Genus of 2 species of waterside plants with elongated, linear leaves. Their name is derived from the Greek word "acoron" which in turn was derived from 'coreon', meaning 'pupil', because it was used in herbal medicine as a treatment for inflammation of the eye.
They are photophilous (sun-loving) species with large requirements in water. They can be grown in water, at a depth of 10-25 cm (4-6 inches).
Ideal for planting near or inside pools.
Propagated by division.
No disease problems.
Latin name: Acorus calamus
Deciduous species with green, fragrant leaves that exceed 1 meter in length (40 inches). It grows better in water, at a depth of up to 25cm (10 inches).