Latin name: Araucaria araucana

Monkey Puzzle, Chilean pine

40 m. 131,2 f.
Family: Araucariaceae

Synonyms: Araucaria imbricata

Genus: Araucaria

Genus of evergreen, usually large, conifers, that comprises 18-19 species, native to Australia and South America. They feature needle-like, branch-covering, green foliage with a spiral phyllotaxy and very symmetrical, conical crowns, since the branches grow in regular whorls.
No pruning is required.
Plant alone.
Easily propagated by seeds that germinate at a temperature of 18-25°C (64-77 ºF).
Latin name: Araucaria araucana
Native to Chile (where it is considered the national tree and to Argentina. Rigid, needle-like, triangular, leaves, broad at the base, and with razor-sharp tips. The origin of the popular English name "Monkey-puzzle" derives from the tree's acicular, spiky leaves, that would prevent a monkey from climbing. Tree with a thick bark and a conical crown, that develops a spherical or umbrella-shaped habit with age.