Araucaria heterophylla

New Caledonia pine

50 m. 164 f.
Family: Araucariaceae

Synonyms: Araucaria columnaris, Araucaria excelsa

Genus: Araucaria

Genus of evergreen, usually large, conifers, that comprises 18-19 species, native to Australia and South America. They feature needle-like, branch-covering, green foliage with a spiral phyllotaxy and very symmetrical, conical crowns, since the branches grow in regular whorls.
No pruning is required.
Plant alone.
Easily propagated by seeds that germinate at a temperature of 18-25°C (64-77 ºF).
Latin name: Araucaria heterophylla
Spectacular, big conical tree, native to Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean, where it is threatened with extinction. It features narrow, needle-like leaves and a relatively flexible trunk. It preserves its symmetrical conical shape even as it grows. It is frost sensitive and therefore it is grown solely in southern, warm regions. Small plants do well indoors, as long as they are placed in a bright, evenly lit area.