Latin name: Begonia grandis

Hardy begonia

0,7 m. 2,3 f.
Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Begonias is a genus of more than 1,000 species, comprising annual and perennial herbs, rhizomatous and tuberous plants. They are usually evergreen plants with unsymmetrical leaves. They van be very diverse in terms of form, hence they are divided into eight groupings:
1) Cane-stemmed
2) Rhizomatous
3) Tuberous
4) Tuberous - Pendula
5) Winter-flowering
6) Shrub-like
7) Rex-cultorum (evergreen, usually rhizomatous varieties, cultivated mainly for their foliage)
8) Semperflorens
They grow in frost-protected, semi-shaded sites, in light, humus-rich, neutral or slightly acid soils.
Used as indoor plants, in flowerpots or in flower gardens as annual plants. Perennial herbs are propagated mainly by cuttings and division, annuals by seeds.
Latin name: Begonia grandis
Tuberous, pendulous-branched variety, with unsymmetrical, green leaves, maroon beneath. Pink pendent flowers are borne in summer.