Buddleja davidii "Nanho White"

Butterfly bush

3 m. 9,84 f.
Family: Budllejaceae

Genus: Buddleja

Buddleja is a genus of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and seldom trees, with intense flowering, usually in summer. The flowers are bee-attracting and fragrant. According to the shape of the flowers they are divided into three groupings:
1) With conical inflorescences
2) With solitary, spherical inflorescences
3) With clusters of spherical inflorescences.
They grow in sunny, frost-protected sites and in fertile, well-drained soils.
Winter and spring flowering varieties require hard pruning after flowering, the rest of them are pruned in late winter.
Plant alone or in groups.
Propagated by cuttings.
Latin name: Buddleja davidii "Nanho White"
Deciduous plant with white, conical inflorescences in summer.