Latin name: Calocedrus decurrens

Incense cedar

50 m. 164 f.
Family: Cupressaceae

Synonyms: Libocedrus decurrens, Heyderia decurrens

Genus: Calocedrus

Evergeen conifers with slightly fragrant, scale-like foliage, arranged in opposite and decussate pairs and oblate twigs. The genus comprises 3 species, native to southeastern Asia and to north America.
They grow in full sun and part shade, in moderately moist soils. Large plants are used as specimens while the dwarf varieties are planted in rock gardens.
The typical species are propagated by seeds that germinate at a temperature of 15-22°C (59-72 ºF) after a cold stratification period of 2 or 3 months, while cultivars are propagated by semi-woody cuttings in summer and autumn.
No disease problems.
Latin name: Calocedrus decurrens
Big, columnar plant with dark green foliage. Native to the mountains of California. Does well in climates with cool summer temperature.