Latin name: Campanula garganica

Adriatic bellflower

0,3 m. 0,98 f.
Family: Campanulaceae

Synonyms: Campanula elatines "Garganica"

Genus: Campanula

Annual and perennial herbaceous with green foliage and usually bell-shaped flowers in summer. According to their shape, the flowers are tubular, bell-shaped or star-shaped and the plants, according to their form are divided into:
1) Upright-branched
2) Horizontal-branched
3) Densely-shaped
4) Pendulous-branched
Plant in groups and in flowerpots.
Annual plants are propagated by slightly covered seeds and perennials mostly by division.
Latin name: Campanula garganica
Upright-growing shrub with blue, star-shaped flowers in summer. Grows in full sun and part shade, in moist but well drained soils.