Latin name: Cistus x purpureus

Purple-flowered rock rose

0,6 m. 1,97 f.
Family: Cistaceae

Synonyms: Cistus creticus x Cistus ladanifer

Genus: Cistus

Genus of about 20 species of short, evergreen shrubs with hairy leaves, native to areas around the Mediterranean Basin. They feature intense flowering in late spring and summer.
They can grow in dry, infertile, neutral or alkaline soils, in sunny and protected sites.
Suitable for coastal planting.
Used in rock gardens, in arrangements and flowerpots.
Typical species are propagated by seeds in early spring or as soon as the seeds are mature.
Cultivars are propagated by semi-woody cuttings.
No disease problems.
Latin name: Cistus x purpureus
Silver-green leaves and fuchsia-coloured flowers, each with five central purple blotches.