Coreopsis verticillata "Zagreb"


0,5 m. 1,64 f.
Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

Genus: Coreopsis

Genus of annual and perennial herbs that take their name from the Greek words "corios", meaning bedbug and "opsis", meaning face or appearance. They feature daisy-shaped, bee-attracting flowers from late spring to early autumn. Provides an abundant source of cut flowers.
Grow in moderately moist soils, in full sun or partial shade. Remove overmature flowers to prolong flowering.
Plant in gardens and flowerpots.
Propagate annual plants by easy to sprout seeds, lightly covered with soil when sowing.
Perennials are propagated by division.
Latin name: Coreopsis verticillata "Zagreb"
Herbaceous perennial with green leaves and yellow flowers.