Latin name: Cornus alba

Red-barked dogwood

3 m. 9,84 f.
Family: Cornaceae

Synonyms: Swida alba

Genus: Cornus

Deciduous shrubs and more rarely small trees with four-petaled flowers in early spring, followed by often edible fruits in autumn, Their leaves are opposite and often take on spectacular hues in autumn.
They grow in fertile, neutral or slightly acid, drained soils, in full sun or partial shade.
Use tree as specimens or plant in rows and shrubs in groups and hedges.
Typical species are propagated by seeds that germinate after a long cold-moist stratification period of several months.
Propagate cultivars by grafting and hardwood cuttings in winter.
Latin name: Cornus alba
Shrub with green leaves that turn red in autumn. White flowers in May, followed by white, decorative fruits in autumn.