Latin name: Cotinus coggygria

Common name: Smoke tree

4 m. 13,12 f.
Family: Anacardiaceae

Synonyms: Rhus cotinus

Genus: Cotinus

Genus of 2 species of deciduous shrubs, native to the Mediterranean basin.
Grown for their foliage and for their flowers that are clustered in large, decorative, terminal panicles with
a fluffy grayish-buff appearance resembling a cloud of smoke over the plant, from which the common name (smoke tree) derives. The French call them periwig trees.
They require full sun and do well even in relatively dry and infertile soils.
Propagated by semi-woody cuttings.
Latin name: Cotinus coggygria
Deciduous shrub with green leaves, and yellow flowers in late spring, followed by brown infructescences in summer and autumn.