Cotoneaster salicifolius "Gnom"

Willow-leaved cotoneaster

0,3 m. 0,98 f.
Family: Rosaceae

Synonyms: Cotoneaster "Gnom"

Genus: Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster is a genus of deciduous, semi-evergreen and evegreen species, the majority of which are shrubs, and few are trees. Grown mainly for their decorative fruits, borne continuously all autumn and winter, for their often fragrant, bee-attracting flowers which are borne in late spring and for the bright red autumn leaves of the deciduous species.
Grow in moderately moist soils, in full sun or partial shade.
Plant in groups, in rock gardens or use in hedges and ground-covering.
Propagated by cuttings.
Latin name: Cotoneaster salicifolius "Gnom"
Evergreen ground-covering shrub with solitary red fruits and white flowers in early summer.