Latin name: Crocosmia "Lucifer"


1 m. 3,28 f.
Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Crocosmia

Genus of 7 species of tuberous plants, native to South Africa. The feature oblong, lanceolate green leaves with an upright growth habit.
Plant the tubers at a depth of 10 cm (4 inches), in early spring. They require full sun or part shade, and fertile, humus-rich, moderately moist, drained soils. Protect annuals in winter by covering them with a vegetal layer (e.g straw).
Used for cut flowers, but also in gardens, groups and arrangements.
Propagated by division.
Subject to red tetranychus.
Latin name: Crocosmia "Lucifer"
Big inflorences of red flowers in summer.