Cryptomeria japonica "Globosa Nana"

Japanese cedar

2 m. 6,56 f.
Family: Cupressaceae

Genus: Cryptomeria

Genus of conifers, consisted solely of the Cryptomeria japonica species, native to eastern Asia. It features evergreen, needle-like, yellow-green leaves borne in a spiral arrangement on branches. Foliage turns brown in winter.
They grow in fertile, humus-rich, moderately moist, neutral, acid or alkaline soils, in full sun and part shade.
Dwarf varieties are planted in rock gardens.
Propagated mainly by grafting.
No serious disease problems.
Latin name: Cryptomeria japonica "Globosa Nana"
Spherical dwarf variety. The most commonly encountered variety of the genus. Plant in rock gardens and in flowerpots.