Dahlia "Schwarze Barbara"


0,3 m. 0,98 f.
Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

Genus: Dahlia

Genus of 30 species of tuberous plants, from which there have been developed more than 20,000 cultivars. They feature spectacular blooms that make excellent cut flowers, borne from mid-summer to the first winter freeze.
For practical reasons, dahlias are classified in 10 divisions, according to their bloom form:
1) Single
2) Waterlily
3) Collerette (single flowers with numerous disk florets)
4) Anemone (semi-double flowers with numerous disk florets)
5) Pompon (very spherical flowers)
6) Double spherical or flat spherical flowers
7) Semi-cactus (revolute for half their length broad at the base, tubular at the second half of their length)
8) Cactus (revolute petals, tubular at the second half of their length)
9) Orchid or peony-shaped
10) Decorative varieties
Also divided into tall and short vareties, according to their height.
They require full sun and fertile, humus-rich, moderately moist, well-drained soils.
Fertilize regularly with nitrogen every 10 days during the flowering periode.
Remove regularly any overmature inflorescences. Cut to 30-40 cm (12-16 inches) from the ground as soon as the first winter colds start and remove the tubers from the ground and store them in a cool, moist, and protected place, after you've treated them with generic fungicide.
Plant in gardens and flowerpots or use for cut flowers.
Propagated by division.
Latin name: Dahlia "Schwarze Barbara"
Short variety with red, peony-shaped flowers