Felicia amelloides "Variegata"

Kingfisher daisy, Blue daisy

0,4 m. 1,31 f.
Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

Genus: Felicia

Genus of annual and perennial herbs, evergreen subshrubs (herbs with a woody lower stem) and more rarely evergreen shrubs.
In warm climates they grow in full sun and moderatey moist soils. In cold climates they are cultivated as annual plants.
Plant in groups, in flower gardens, rock gardens and in flowerpots.
Annual plants and typical species are propagated by seeds that germinate easily at 18°C (64 °F) without covering them. Cultivars are propagated by cuttings all year round.
Latin name: Felicia amelloides "Variegata"
Herbaceous perennial with white-edged, green leaves and daisy-like, yellow-centered, blue flowers, borne from mid-spring to autumn.