Gypsophila repens "Rosa Schonheit"

Creeping gypsophila

0,2 m. 0,66 f.
Family: Caryophyllaceae

Genus: Gypsophila

The genus name Gypsophila is derived from Greek gupsos, chalk and Greek philos, loving, in reference to this species' good growth performance in alkaline, high calcium soils. Annual and perennial herbs with spectacular inflerescences, widely used in floral creations.
Plant gypsophillas in calcareous, well-drained spils, in fill sun.
Plant in groups and arrangements.
Propagate annuals by seeds sown rightly after their collection, without covering them.
Cultivars are propagated by non-flowering stem cuttings in summer.
Latin name: Gypsophila repens "Rosa Schonheit"
Semi-evergreen, perennial herb with fuchsia flowers in summer.