Hibiscus syriacus "Diana"

Rose of Sharon

4 m. 13,12 f.
Family: Malvaceae

Synonyms: Altea arborea "Diana", Althaea frutex "Diana"

Genus: Hibiscus

Genus of annual and perennial herbs and deciduous shrubs and more rarely of small trees, native to tropical and subtropical areas, that feature large, funnel-shaped flowers.
They grow in full sun, in neutral or alkaline soils. Evergreen varieties grow in tropical and subtropical climates, whereas deciduous varieties do well in subtropical and mediterranean climates.
Plant in groups or in flowerpots.
Typical species are easily propagated by seeds, evergreen varieties by semi-wood cuttings during growth period and deciduous varieties by hardwood cuttings in winter or by semi-woody cuttings during growth period.
Latin name: Hibiscus syriacus "Diana"
Deciduous shrub or small tree with white flowers.