Hosta "Lakeside Cha Cha"

Plantain lily

0,7 m. 2,3 f.
Family: Liliaceae

Genus: Hosta

Rhizomatous, herbaceous perennials, grown mostly for their highly ornamental, large leaves and less for their slightly fragrant, funnel-shaped, white or violet-blue flowers, borne on erect stems in August and September. Native to the moist woodlands of northeastern Asia. According to their leaf-shape, they are divided into: ovate, lanceolate, orbicular and heart-shaped, whereas, according to their variegation form they are divided into: leaves with thin margins, with broad margins and with contrasting centers.

They require humus-rich, moderately moist, well-drained soils and partial or deep shade.
Plant in rock gardens, in flowerpots and groups.
Easily propagated by division in early spring.
Latin name: Hosta "Lakeside Cha Cha"
Heart-shaped, bright-green leaves and purple flowers.