Hyacinthoides hispanica

Spanish bluebell

0,5 m. 1,64 f.
Family: Liliaceae

Synonyms: Endymion hispanicus, Scilla campanulata, Scilla hispanica

Genus: Hyacinthoides

Genus of 3 species of bulbous plants, native to Europe and North America, very similar to the Genus Scilla. Hyacinthoides species feature oblong leaves and bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers borne in erect inflorescences in spring.
Plant the bulbs in spring, at a depth of 10 cm (4 inches), in fertile, moist, well-drained soils, in shaded or partly shaded sites.
Plant in rock gardens, in flowerpots and arrangements.
Propagated by bulblets.
No disease problems.
Latin name: Hyacinthoides hispanica
Large (2cm) pendent flowers in erect, sparse inflorescences in spring.