Ilex cornuta "Dazzler"

Chinese holly

3 m. 9,84 f.
Family: Aquifoliaceae

Genus: Ilex

Large genus of evergreen or deciduous shrubs and trees. In winter they bear mainly red, or orange and yellow decorative fruits, used in Christmas decoration. They are dioecious species, hence both sexes (male and female) should be planted together, with a view to achieving better flowering. According to the leaf edges and for practical reasons they are divided into three categories:
1) Entire
2) Spiny
3) Spiny and toothed

They grow in moist, well-drained, fertile soils, in full sun or deep shade.
Plant alone, in hedges and in flowerpots.
Propagated by semi-woody cuttings in summer.
Prune only to preserve their shape. Formative pruning can also take place.
Latin name: Ilex cornuta "Dazzler"
Evergreen shrub with green spiny leaves and red fruits.