Latin name: Kniphofia "Atlanta"

Red-hot poker

1,5 m. 4,92 f.
Family: Liliaceae

Genus: Kniphofia

Herbaceous, rhizomatous plants with oblong, green leaves, native to Africa. Grown for their elongated, cylindrical flowers, borne on tall, erect stems.
They grow in full sun or part shade, in sandy, drained, moderately moist soils.
Plant in rock gardens, arrangements and groups, or use for cut flowers.
Remove overmature inflorescences.
Propagated by division in early spring and autumn.
Subject to viruses. Very attractive to bees.
Latin name: Kniphofia "Atlanta"
Evergreen perennial with flowers, red on the upper part of the flower tube and yellow on the lower, in late spring and early summer.