Latin name: Lamium maculatum

Spotted deadnettle

0,2 m. 0,66 f.
Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatae)

Genus: Lamium

Genus of short, annual and perennial, ground-covering, rhizomatous herbs that feature four-sided, hairy stems and opposite and decussate, usually coloured leaves.
They grow in deep or partial shade, in moderately moist soils.
Grown mostly for their ornamental foliage and less for their flowers. Plant in flowerpots or in groups for groundcovering.
Propagate annuals by seeds and perennials by cuttings in early spring and by division.
Latin name: Lamium maculatum
Mat-forming perennial that features green leaves with a central, lance-shaped, silver blotch and fuchsia-coloured flowers in spring. Commonly found as a weed.