Leucothoe fontanesina "Scarletta"

Dog hobble

1,3 m. 4,26 f.
Family: Ericaceae

Synonyms: Leucothoe fontanesiana "Scarletta", Leucothoe "Zeblid"

Genus: Leucothoe

Genus of about 45 to 50 species of shrubs that take their name from the Greek mythology goddess "Leucothea" (Leucothoe is an alternate spelling of Leucothea). Evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous shrubs.
They grow in humus-rich, acid, moist soils, in deep or part shade.
Propagated by seeds and semi-woody cuttings.
No disease problems.
Latin name: Leucothoe fontanesina "Scarletta"
Evergreen spherical shrub with green leaves mottled with a red triangle near the stem. The stems, as well as the young leaves, are maroon. Small white flowers in spring.