Pelargonium odoratissimum

Apple geranium

0,5 m. 1,64 f.
Family: Geraniaceae

Genus: Pelargonium

Genus of more than 200 species of evegreen perennial herbs, succulent species or even shrubs. Grown mainly for their summer flowers, but also for their ornamental, often fragrant foliage. According to their leaf-form, shape and bloom-form, the species are divided into six groupings:
1) Ivy-leaved
2) Zonal
3) Scented-leaf
4) Regal (French varieties)
5) Angel
6) Unique
Grown mainly in full sun or partial shade, in moderately moist soils. Remove overmature flowers and prune plants to 1/3 of their height in autumn. In cold climates it is best to move plants to a protected area in autumn, such as cool greenhouses and move them back in spring.
Easily propagated by cuttings.
Latin name: Pelargonium odoratissimum
Deeply lobed, fragrant, green leaves and lilac flowers in summer.