Pericallis x hybrida "Spring Glory Blue"

Florist's cineraria

0,4 m. 1,31 f.
Family: Asteraceae (Compositae)

Synonyms: Cineraria cruentus "Spring Glory Blue", Senecio cruentus "Spring Glory Blue

Genus: Pericallis

Genus of 14-15 species of perennial plants, cultivated as annuals. Native to Canary Islands and Madeira. Cultivated for their spectacular, daisy-like flowers, arranged in large spherical or umbrella-shaped inflorescences that cover them completely.
They grow in part shade, in fertile, moderately moist soils.
Plant in flower gardens and flowerpots.
Propagated by semi-woody cuttings in summer.
Latin name: Pericallis x hybrida "Spring Glory Blue"
Variety that features blue flowers with a white halo around the center, borne from November to April.