Phlox paniculata "Harlequin"

Perennial phlox

1,5 m. 4,92 f.
Family: Polemoniaceae

Genus: Phlox

Genus of about 65 species of annual and perennial flowering plants.
They grow mainly in full sun but also in part shade, in humus-rich, fertile, moderately moist soils.
Plant annuals in flower gardens and perennial herbs and shrubs in groups.
Propagate annuals by seeds, slighlty covered in sowing. Propagate perennials by division and semi-woody cuttings.
Latin name: Phlox paniculata "Harlequin"
Herbaceous perennial with an upright growth habit and conical inflorescences of pink, fragrant flowers in summer and early autumn. White-edged, green leaves.