Platycladus orientalis "Elegantissima"

Oriental thuja

6 m. 19,68 f.
Family: Cupressaceae

Synonyms: Thuja orientalis "Elegantissima"

Genus: Platycladus

Genus containing only the species Platycladus orientalis, native to South and eastern Asia. Formerlly known as Thuja orientalis. Evergren conifers with scale-like, opposite and decussate, lightly scented foliage that turns brown in winter in cold climates. Their fruits are small, spherical cones.
They grow in deep, fertile, drained, moderately moist soils, in sunny, frost-protected sites. Tall plants are used as specimen trees or in hedges. Dwarf varieties are planted in rock gardens and flowerpots.
Propagated by grafting and by semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings, cut by fingernail in summer and winter.
The typical species can be easily propagated by seeds.
Latin name: Platycladus orientalis "Elegantissima"
Tall, conical or columnar plant with yellow foliage.