Primula allionii "Claude Flight"

Allioni's primrose

0,2 m. 0,66 f.
Family: Primulaceae

Genus: Primula

Genus of more than 400 species of perennial plants with leaves that grow in rosettes from the ground. Grown for their spring flowers. Primulas are divided into 3 groupings:
1) Polyanthus group (varieties with umbrella-shaped inflorescences of large flowers. Grown as annuals or biennials).
2) Auricula group (evergreen varieties with large flowers in umbrella-shaped inflorescences)
3) Candelabra group (perennial varieties with small flowers borne in 3 tiered whorls).
They grow mostly in full sun or partial shade.
Plant in rock gardens, in flowerpots and gardens.
Propagate by fresh seeds, set on a seedbed with bottom heat. Plant in a partially shaded site and do not cover when sowing.
Latin name: Primula allionii "Claude Flight"
Auricula primula with few flowers per cluster. It features funnel-shaped, white-centered, lilac to pink flowers.