The 2.500+ best ornamental plants for gardens and parks

Wisteria sinensis, Wisteria chinensis,Glicine sinensis, Glicine chinensis, Chinese Wisteria
(Wisteria chinensis,Glicine sinensis, Glicine chinensis)
Chinese Wisteria
x Pyronia veitchii "Luxemburgiana", Cydonia oblongua x Pyrus communis "Luxemburgiana", Pyronia
(Cydonia oblongua x Pyrus communis "Luxemburgiana")
Yucca baccata, Banana yucca
Banana yucca
Yucca elephantipes, Yucca guatemalensis, Hesperoyucca guatemalensis, Spineless yucca
(Yucca guatemalensis, Hesperoyucca guatemalensis)
Spineless yucca
Yucca filamentosa, Needle palm
Needle palm
Yucca gloriosa, Spanish dagger
Spanish dagger
Yucca gloriosa "Variegata", Variegated Spanish dagger
Variegated Spanish dagger
Yucca whipplei, Our Lord s candle
Our Lord's candle
Zephyranthes grandiflora, Zephyranthes carinata, Keeled zephyr flower
(Zephyranthes carinata)
Keeled zephyr flower