Data entry into our customer websites.

Data entry into our customer websites.

You don't have time to import your data into your website? Don't worry, we will do it for you.

What data do you need to provide:
Your complete business profile (company name, phone, address, email, facebook page, etc.)
A complete collection of photos, stored in any file type.
All your texts and available translations, in TXT, PDF, Excel or MS Word format.
Your suggestions.

What we do:
We will adjust the size of the photos and store them in the appropriate file format.
We will upload the photos on your site and place them where you have indicated.
We will add your texts as well as any provided translations.
We will add your complete business profile, your contact details, and the map with your location.

What we don't do:
We do not write any texts on your behalf, nor do we find any photos.
We shall process ONLY those data you provide us.

How long does it take?
Usually 3 business days. Mind however that this may vary, depending on our workload. 

You must send us all required data in advance.
The cost includes any changes that you will demand, after the initial data entry. These changes must be communicated to us within 15 days from the first data entry.